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BizPAD Going Mobile Gets Rave Reviews."

I am very impressed with Bizpad! It is deceptively simple. I run an outsourcing firm. We build hundreds of websites a month. For the past two years we have been using Base camp. At the same price point, it only allowed 35 projects. So all of a clients websites had to be listed under a single project. With Bizpad's unlimited number of projects each web property is its own project. This much easier to manage.

- Jeffrey Evans Phillipine Outsourcing
I received an email about Bizpad and it looks awesome. It's so funny too because just the other day I was wondering what it would take to create the perfect project management system for internet businesses and why someone hadn't done it yet - then the next day it looks like this one is pretty close! I'll be thoroughly checking it out."

- Angela Wills
Bizpad is very useful in any business venture... be it corporate or home business, they have it all covered.

- Steve Hall
Already left one testimonial but this service deserves another! I feel like a kid that FINALLY got his homework done. You know when you put something off, and you keep putting it off, but when you finally take the time to get it done, you feel so much better. Bizpad has enabled me to organize all my projects, assign tasks for myself and others... it's like that Claritin commerciat when they pull off that hazy view and the tv screen turns crystal clear - Bizpad is my Claritin. Thank you! Very Slick! Great work BizPad Team!

- Rys Fairbrother