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Free Trial - No Credit Card Required

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2 Cool Things About BizPAD's Pricing

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1. If you're the one that has discovered BizPAD and will be implementing it, see pricing.
You can pick your plan now and modify your billing or cancel anytime. Part of making awesome easier, includes making pricing and canceling easy too!
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New BizPADers Questions Revealed...
  • Why do you guys give away free accounts?

    It's not that we “give away” free accounts… we allow you to experience the full glory of BizPAD before you commit to buying anything. It's kind of like a “free trial” without all the credit card dings and cancelation hassles. We believe that we have created a superior product and once you experience it and implement it, we truly think you'll agree!

  • When I decide to upgrade from a free to a paid account will that just 1 account work for my entire team?

    Absolutely! That's the great thing about BizPAD... you only have one account to serve everyone in your business. Just simply pick your account size based on how many projects you'd like to have and storage space you want. BizPAD grows with you too... as you need more projects, simply upgrade or if you started off too big and want to dial it back, simply downgrade anytime.

  • What kind of Support and Training do you guys offer?

    Lots! Once you setup your account, you can access our support ticket system for any questions, concerns or issues inside BizPAD. (must be logged in) We offer live help on the fly to serve you in real-time in the moment. (both on the site and inside) We also have an entire site dedicated to training and the use of BizPAD that is continually growing... You don't have to be logged in to see that one, you can find that here:

  • How do I properly use the filter bar?

    Click any filter-setting to select it or de-select it, then click the round 'Refresh' button. On some projects (e.g a meeting-notes project) you won't want to filter anything because even if an item is closed, you still want to see that it was discussed during the meeting. On other projects (e.g. a to-do list project) you might only want to see "To-Do" and "Done" items (hiding closed items). Near the refresh button is a drop-down selector that lets you select which project you want to see -- that will be a common use of the filter-bar. Keep in mind that when you click 'What's New?', or "My Items" (in upper left) the filter-bar settings will be changed, and the result-set will be refreshed.

  • How do I save my BizPAD content to a local file?

    To save your BizPAD items in a local file, use the Print button on the toolbar to view all of your items, then use your browser's Select All and Copy commands to paste the content into Word or a similar word processor or spreadsheet. Attached files, notes, and Wikidocs need to be saved individually.

  • What's the difference between premium accounts and free accounts?

    Premium Accounts can CREATE multi-user projects. Free accounts can ACCESS multi-user projects. It's really just that simple. But we confuse things a bit by giving free accounts the ability to create a multi-user project. It's our hope you will take us up on this and start using BizPAD because we really do believe that it will change your life! For maximum value, you only need one Premium Account for your entire company -- whoever has that Premium Account will do all the new-project creation, and everyone else will have a free account.

  • Do you have an affiliate program (aka refer-a-friend program)?

    Yes! Just click on the Affiliate menu item at lower right once logged in to read the BizPAD Affiliate Program FAQ and get your personal Affiliate link. Anytime a BizPAD user visits BizPAD using your link and subscribes as a paying member, you'll receive a commission. For more info on commissions you can also see cool stuff here:

  • How do I add people to my project?

    Click on the title of the project and you'll see the list of project members and an 'Add Member' button. Right now you have to type the name and email of the person you're adding until they get stored in your BizPAD account… than soon you'll just be able to click their name for adding with ease on future items, tasks and projects!

  • How do I close/delete/archive a project?

    Click on the project's title in the item list. In the Project tab on the right side, use the Status control to set the project to Inactive. The project will no longer appear in the default view for you and other members. It can still be accessed by selecting the project name under the Inactive heading in the project filter at top center. What happens when I share my project's link with others and then make changes to the project? Whenever others use your project link to copy your project, they get the up-to-date content with any changes you made since sharing the link.

  • When does BizPAD send me email?

    BizPAD emails you when an item is newly assigned to you, cc'ed to you, or you are made the approver. BizPAD also emails you if any change is made to a high priority task that is assigned to you. A summary of items assigned to you is sent daily. Email notifications can be turned on and off in “Settings” in the footer of the interface when you're logged in.

  • How do I assign somebody a task without giving them full access to everything in my project?

    All you need to do is assign the item WITHOUT adding them to the project as a full member. Project members can view all folders and tasks in the project, change project information, and create items. Non-members only see the individual tasks you assign them to.

  • How do I delete an item?

    For your project's security, it is not easy nor is it obvious how to delete a folder or an item completely -- but it can be done. Simply erase the item's title by clicking on it and deleting it character by character. Then press Enter. A confirmation box will then confirm that you want to delete the item.

  • How do I change my password?

    Click Settings, then click 'Change Your Password' once inside the BizPAD interface. You must be logged in your account.

  • Help!!! My items are MISSING!

    Don't panic :) You just need to change your filter-bar settings. Un-select all the yellow items in your filter bar and then press the round BizPAD 'Refresh' button.

  • How do I Print?

    Simply hit the Print button located at the upper right of the filter-bar. This opens a print-friendly view of your BizPAD using the current filter settings.


What Others Are Saying?

All These People Can't Possibly Be Wrong...

You are BRILLIANT! I absolutely love it -- I've been struggling for so long for a simple yet robust solution like this - all of the other tools out there take more time to manage than it is worth to help keep yourself, projects and team organized! Thank you for being an innovator and leader in this industry - I appreciate all that you congtribute to entrepreneurs success!

- Erica Rueschhoff
I received an email about Bizpad and it looks awesome. It's so funny too because just the other day I was wondering what it would take to create the perfect project management system for internet businesses and why someone hadn't done it yet - then the next day it looks like this one is pretty close! I'll be thoroughly checking it out."

- Angela Wills
Fast, simple, effective. That's Bizpad. Collaboration tools on the web are plentiful, but most get it wrong. They are either slow or hard to use. Familiar, but ineffective. Or they don't do enough. Or they do too much. Bizpad has truck a balance. For a lot of the communication I do as well as managing my own time, Bizpad is proving to be enough but not too much. Simple to learn and use. And fast. Try it. It's a productivity boost from day 1.

- Steven S. Hultquist Executive Guide and Technology Visionary
Great software. Its power is in its simplicity. Give it a try You won't be disappointed.

- Raj Bapna