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The Stress-Free Way to Organize Your Teams and Projects

What Is BizPAD?

Finally, A Way To Make Workflow, Collaboration And Communication Seamless, Simple And
Successful... When You Want To Manage Projects, Tasks & People... There Is No Better Solution!

BizPAD. Your collaboration solution.
And BOOM! Just like that things get done, tracked and managed!

You simply add BizPAD into the loop of everything you're already doing and in very short time you're more organized, more efficient and everyone you work with is happier

Features & Benefits of BizPAD

Whether You're The Owner, Supervisor, Team Manager or Employee, Anyone Can Start A
BizPAD Account And Begin Adding The People They Interact With On A Daily Basis

What BizPAD Does For You
  • Brilliant Task Organizing- Tasks are more likely to get done, on time and on budget!
  • Boosts Collaboration- Team communication shared easily and guaranteed delivery (unlike email)
  • Directs Progress & Tracking- Gives managers and project leaders easy project and task management with simple progress tracking & archiving
  • Encourages Effective Discussion- Cooperation and communication all in one place with simplicity. (No more having to read numerous long email threads and chains.)
  • Enables Easy Management- Controlled settings and preferences enabling effective supervision of tasks and team.
   BizPAD Features:
  • link generation for quick sharing capabilities
  • eliminate 3rd party file sending like yousentit/dropbox etc.

  • add user accounts in seconds (for your team members)
  • updates in real time
  • Simple user interface filters for management ease
  • Quick find search bar
  • See all communication right when it's posted
  • web-based/ sits on the cloud, no install (+all Biz PAD updates and enhancements are instant)

  • 100% secure & backed up when computers crash
  • prioritize with 1 click/ drag and drop archives and date stamps all activity from all users for recordes and accountability
  • Team document editor and variation recorder (wikipad)
  • Comes with Live support inside
  • Ability to clone projects!
  • and much more!

What Actually Happens In BizPAD?

There are 3 main sections - Projects, Folders and Items

You can store anything: ideas, reminders, meeting notes, action items, conversations, faq's, documents, files, reports, anything!

"Wikipad is integrated right into the project.

This unique section of BizPAD allows you to add notes, create an ongoing discussion or detail project outlines.

The best feature however, is the ability to collaborate on shared documents with others. The wikipad section completely eliminates the need to upload or download project files!

The BizPAD Interface

The BizPAD interface is designed to put everything you need right at your fingertips. Easy to use and intuitive, BizPAD makes organization and management a breeze!

   Creative Uses
  • Also a great delivery and management tool if you are a: Speaker, Author, Coach, Seminar Leader or an Online Marketer.
  • Product delivery (for your customers)
  • Event Planners
  • Client Management
  • Retention Strategies
  • Cultivation Sequencing
  • Company Newsletters
  • Storing of Critical Information
  • Safe way to Share Logins and Passwords
  • Contract Negociations
  • Coaching Accountability

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